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About Mislita

How did we begin?

Mislita was born in 2015 in Spain, the leather country. Through our love for fashion, footwear, creativity and elegance, we have realized our dream with Mislita.

100% of our shoes are made in Spain and all materials come from Spanish suppliers.

We’re obsessed with ensuring the quality of our products. All of our skins have received a specific natural care treatment, which makes each pair a unique product. Each Mislita involves a careful manufacturing process and our talented team puts exceptional care into each part of the process.

Let us help you express your individuality through our love for shoes.

Why these names?

Each pair of Mislita´s is named after a special woman.

We want to honor women for their work, their kindness, their courage and their desire to make a better world. We name our shoes after women from the past, from the present—without whom the world would not be as we know it.

These women have left their mark on society. They are pioneers and fighters and every one of them is a reference and inspiration to us. Within each pair of Mislitas, you’ll learn a bit more about these woman we aim to honor.

We would be delighted if you send us the name and story of an exemplary woman, either known or unknown, who you would like to honor.

You can write to hola@mislita.com to participate and if you are chosen we will name a pair of shoes after her!


How are Mislitas made?

Our ambition is to have the highest quality products. The first step to perfect shoes is to develop our own molds. Mislita adapt perfectly to the foot for ultimate comfort!

Each pair of Mislita is superbly designed and all materials are carefully selected to ensure top quality and uniqueness!

After selecting the materials, Spanish artisans perform a manual cutting process.

Finally, we review each piece, assemble and mount.

Before packing, each Mislita goes through thorough quality control to ensure a flawless experience for you.